The Story

As Baltimoreans, the BCCC team was raised cracking salty/spicy "blue" crabs that were dumped, steaming hot, onto paper-covered picnic or folding tables on porches, on decks, or even—on rainy days—in garages!

Proper steamed maryland crabs must be served with cold beer, fresh tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and rolls of paper towels.

These “crab feasts” start at an early age and, for Marylanders, the traditions are deep-seated.

Enjoying the fresh, intricate flavor profile of the classic Maryland Crab Cake is also a serious business with its own rules, and the Baltimore Crab Cake Company honors those traditions in everything we do.

Marylanders prefer to eat their crab cakes with mayonnaise, tarter or cocktail sauce—or more commonly—with no sauce at all.

We felt the same way until we spent some time in Louisiana, learning about the ways Creole and Cajun citizens enjoyed their seafood. They opened our eyes and our palettes to the wonders of remoulade sauce.

This piquant, full-flavored condiment is a beautiful foil for our crab cakes, especially for our guests who like a little heat. Remoulade was invented in France, but is popular in Iceland, Poland, and the Scandinavian countries.

Remoulade is a mayonnaise-based sauce, typically flavored with mustard, herbs, warm spices, tart vinegar, and a little heat from cayenne pepper.

Our kitchen team tested countless iterations of the traditional recipe to develop just the right accompaniment to our crab cakes. We offer our remoulade "one the side" with each crab cake. Please give it a try and tell us what you think. We hope you will be a convert too.